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Arunda Load Calculator

Determining the size of dovetail assemblies (joist to stringer type)

Calculus is a program that calculates the allowable load of your Arunda assemblies for common scenarios using a joist to stringer type of joint. Due to the many parameters involved in load calculations, other types of assemblies require different calculations specific to each.


The model number can be found on the
male jig
  • Your jig i
    • Nr. 50
    • Nr. 60
    • Nr. 73
    • Nr. 74
    • Nr. 75
    • Nr. 80
    • Nr. 100
    • Nr. 120
    • Nr. 160
  • Stringer height mm
    Minimum 100
  • Joist height mm
    Maximum 100
  • Tenon height mm
Calculate load


1 kN = 100 kg

The Vd1 and Vd2 values are for information only. They represent real loads with no coefficient. They do not constitute a guarantee by the manufacturer.